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We inform you that, according to the "Terms & Conditions" of "KULTURA AUCTIONS", we do not publish information about previous successful auctions on our website.

This protective measure has been taken to maintain the privacy and confidentiality of the participants in our auctions. We regard the privacy of our customers as a top priority and therefore all our transactions are carried out with absolute respect to their individual privacy and anonymity.

At the same time, our policy affirms our commitment to transparency and fair practice in all our auctions. Targeted, flexible, and careful management of our auctions ensures that every offer is handled responsibly while simultaneously offering participants a fair and competitive opportunity to acquire the object of their desires.

"KULTURA AUCTIONS" also supports the value of artistic education and the exchange of knowledge. While we do not announce the results of previous auctions, we provide substantial information about the works of art auctioned, their creators, and their historical significance. In this way, we support our educational mission and ensure the continued creation of a community that appreciates, loves, and supports art.

We acknowledge the importance of maintaining the trust of our clients and partners and respecting our commitments according to the "Terms & Conditions". We are dedicated to providing high-quality services with integrity and superiority.

We thank you for your trust in "KULTURA AUCTIONS" and invite you to inform us of any questions or concerns you may have. We are always here to support you and help you explore the wonderful world of art auctioned at "KULTURA AUCTIONS".

Through our excellent selection of works of art, our informative auctions, and our dedicated team of specialists, "KULTURA AUCTIONS" offers an unforgettable experience to art lovers from all over the world.

We thank you for choosing us for your art auction needs and we eagerly anticipate the opportunity to continue our collaboration. If you have any questions about our "Terms & Conditions", please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Email: kultura@kulturaauctions.com
We look forward to welcoming you to Culture Auctions, where art meets the complexity and diversity of culture. We offer you a unique experience, exploring artworks that showcase different cultures and eras.

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